Punish Teens Becky Sins in Hammered and Nailed

Punish Teens Becky Sins in Hammered and Nailed 8

Becky Sins doesn’t understand that you don’t bother dudes on Super Bowl Sunday. She knocks on her neighbor’s door during the game to ask for sugar. The guy is annoyed, but gives her some sugar so that she will go the fuck away. However, she comes back and interrupts the game yet again to ask for a long spoon.

Our neighbor guy is fuming by this time, but sits back down to eat chips and watch football. Then, another knock from this annoying girl starts up again. This time she wants a hammer and nail. The dude is fucking pissed off. He’s going to hammer and nail Becky Sins as a punishment. He grabs her by the arm and drags her into his apartment. He bends her over the couch, pulls down her red pants, and starts smacking her ass.

He then continues a seriously extreme and rough fucking. Becky, gets hammered in missionary while he is straight up crushing her tits in his hands. He takes her from behind and other various angles. She is finding out why you don’t bother a man during football games. After using her like a cheap rag, he tosses her down to blow a giant wad on her remorseful little face. That should teach her!

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