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  • Submissived Ember Snow Fifty Shades Of Asian Play

    This guy comes home and sticks his thumb in her mouth. She sucks obediently. Then, he replaces his thumb with his dominant dick, and this Asian slut continues to obey. She slobbers as he throat fucks her in the chair. Then he moves her over to the couch and fucks her tight Asian pussy with […]

  • Submissived Xeena Mae Suck This Da Vinci Dick

    This man is good with his colors! He holds her nose while she licks his da Vinci dick and then throat fucks her like it is an avant garde performance piece. Finally, he cums on her face and then rubs it into his latest art piece. According to him, all he needed was to add […]

  • Submissived Anastasia Knight in Pussy Cat Burglar Gets Snatched

    Anastasia Knight is a sexy cat burglar on the prowl. After getting items stolen our mark is convinced something is going on and lays a trap for this would be cat burglar. He snaps awake and grabs Anastasia by the throat, choking her and slamming her against his staircase. Thinking fast, Anastasia grabs his crotch […]

  • Submissived Darcie Belle in Using My Submissive For Stress Relief

    Darcie Belles boyfriend was preparing for a big day at work. It did not go so well, so he called her up from work letting her know he would need to relieve some stress when he got home. Darcie prepared herself mentally and physically for what she was about to endure. She waited for him […]

  • Submissived Kira Noir in When Erotic Sex Changes Your Life

    I remember when life use to be simple. Who knew that one bad decision could change everything so much. I got involved with this mysterious older guy who at the time I thought was the best thing for me. I was young, wild, and out of control… He gave me the discipline that a young […]

  • Submissived Zoey Reyes in Dominant Chick With a Submissive Male Bitch 3

    Submissived Zoey Reyes in Dominant Chick With a Submissive Male Bitch

    Zoey Reyes is a bad bitch who loves the idea of dominating her man. She exercises these skills on a daily basis, and today she really gave him the brunt of it. He returned home from work late, which made Zoey have him get on all fours and hop into his leash. She then walked […]

  • Submissived Kelsey Kage in Raunchy Reconciliation 1

    Submissived Kelsey Kage in Raunchy Reconciliation

    Kelsey Kage had a good for nothing boyfriend who always needed help getting out of sticky situations. In this case, he owed an associate some money and would not be able to pay the balance. An agreement was made for his associate to recoup his loss by having the rights to Kelsey for a day. […]

  • Submissived Stephanie West in I'm Your Pussy Now 2

    Submissived Stephanie West in I’m Your Pussy Now

    Stephanie West was supposed to be taking care of her boyfriends cat, but she totally fucked up by leaving the door open. The cat got out and never came home. Stephanie was fucked. Her boyfriend loved that cat more than her! He literally freaked out and kicked Stephanie out of their room. She had to […]

  • Submissived Alex Blake and Xianna Hill in Five Star Sex for Special Requests 5

    Submissived Alex Blake and Xianna Hill in Five Star Sex for Special Requests

    Alex Blake and Xianna Hill are preparing for a client with special requests. He is wealthy and successful, but is a big fan of women taking a more dominant role in the bedroom. The girls were going to have to cater to this in order to please him. As he walks into their house he […]

  • Submissived Luna Lovely in Don't Break The Rules 1

    Submissived Luna Lovely in Don’t Break The Rules

    Luna Lovely was so happy to get out of her abusive relationship. She has been thinking about leaving this guy for awhile and finally worked up the courage. Just as she sped off she realized that she had forgotten her favorite necklace. She had to go back and retrieve it. By the time she got […]

  • Submissived Jasmine Vega Sex Slaves Release Rage 3

    Submissived Jasmine Vega Sex Slaves Release Rage

    Jasmine Vega saw her boyfriend was having a stressful day. She knew exactly what to do to cheer him up. She got on her leather leash and collar followed by her fishnet bodysuit. She then slowly approached him and he began to dominate her almost immediately. He started by fucking her mouth with great strength. […]

  • Submissived Alexa Mae in Becoming A Slut 10

    Submissived Alexa Mae in Becoming A Slut

    Cute teen Alex Mae blindfolds herself and leaves toys and whips on the bed for her boyfriend to use on her. He cuffs her and completely dominates her and cums on her pretty little face!