Family Strokes Amarna Miller in Dirty Deeds with Uncle Rich

Family Strokes Amarna Miller in Dirty Deeds with Uncle Rich 3

Amarna Miller is one sexy little teen who is off to visit her Uncle. She wants to ask him if she can crash at his house even though it has been many years since she has seen him. She finds the key to his home and lets herself in. She is amazed by the home and sure she would like to live in such an upscale environment.

Her Uncle comes home and is very startled to see someone there. He doesn’t realize it’s Amarna until she tells him. He is shocked and also dying to fuck his step niece. She asks him if she can crash at his place. He says that since she is grown up and since he is a sick pervert that maybe they could fool around. She asks him if he thinks that this is wrong, and he replies that they are not blood related. She says since she likes him and the house that she will play along. He immediately starts feeling her up and sticking his hands up her dress.

He gropes every part of her and undresses her while she gives him head. He then starts fucking her and saying all sorts of dirty shit about how she’s fucking him. She is moaning with delight as she thinks allowing him to use her as pin cushion will earn her a place to stay. He fucks her with a lot of vulgar perversion. He makes no bones about enjoying her perfect body as he slaps her ass and choke fucks her. He finally makes her take a giant wad of cum on her face and then informs her that her parents are in the driveway. She is forced to leave having allowed her pervert Uncle to fuck and disgrace her for no reason

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