Gingerpatch Scarlett Snow Hoe on The Range

Somewhere, lodged deep in the American consciousness is the myth of the traveling vagabond who stumbles across a friendly farmers land, only to be taken in and cared for by the kind man. However, the one condition always seems to be that the traveler is not allowed to touch the farmers daughter.
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In this case, the farmers daughter is blazing hot ginger, Scarlett Snow, and she has a mischievous twinkle in her eye. Inside the house, Scarlett gets naked, exposing her snowy white skin, and s to her knees to guzzle down some man goo.

Then she hops on top of our stud and goes for a good old fashioned bucking bronco ride. Our stud picks her up and fucks her in his arms before pushing her up against an old honkytonk to plow her open field. This girl sure knows how to break a wild stallion! Do you think Scarlett is on fire?

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