Sis Loves Me Maddy O’Reilly in It’s Called the Cum Treatment

Sis Loves Me Maddy O'Reilly in It's Called the Cum Treatment 2

Maddy is on the ground scrubbing the floor in a nice dress that shows off how much junk is in her trunk. She wants out of this work so that she can go and see a concert. She pleads with her brother who says she has nothing to offer him but her pussy. Again, she is talked into taking it from behind on the kitchen floor just so that she can see this concert.

Later in the week, she does something to cause her laptop to malfunction and asks her brother to fix it. He looks at it and finds porn He threatens to tell their parents… Unless of course, he can fuck her in the ass to keep his mouth shut. Maddy reluctantly agrees, but just wants it to end like she wanted his fucking her pussy to end.

He enjoys ramming his cock up her dumb sibling asshole and then spunks a hot load all over her ass. The next day Maddy is distraught over having two zits on her face. Her creepy brother tricks her into thinking that male cum will clear her problem up. He gets her to suck him off so he can pump his bro lotion all over her face. So hot yet so gullible!

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