POVLife Skylar Snow in Secretive Sex Stretches

POVLife Skylar Snow in Secretive Sex Stretches 4

Ike made his way over to his boys house to see if he was down to chill. His hot and curvy girlfriend Skylar Snow answered the door. Turns out Chris was out with his nerd friends playing that new card game that’s sweeping the nation.

Skylar still invited Ike in though because she needed some help with her stretches. After getting up close and personal with that phat ass of hers, Ike started to get hard, and Skylar felt like she needed to repay him for helping her.

She whipped out his long slender cock and started to suck. Then she allowed him entry into her throbbing hot pussy. She sucked down all his cum so her boyfriend would never find out. Not that he even pays any attention to her anyway! He’s too busy being a nerd lol.

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