Family Strokes Liv Revamped in Family Sex Education

Family Strokes Liv Revamped in Family Sex Education 4

Liv Revamped is horrified because she bit her boyfriend’s cock while giving him a blowjob. She went to the one person that she knew she could count on. Her mom. This candidate for Mother of the Year knows just what her daughter needs.

She promptly enlists her husband to loan her a cock to teach her daughter with. Sure it’s creepy as fuck, but this mother’s love for her daughter is more important than who is fucking her. Liv’s mom blindfolds her and teaches her how to grab a dick and shove it in her mouth without biting down. This is awesome and frightening at the same time for her stepdad. She has no idea the cock in her mouth belongs to her mom’s husband, and chokes it down like a champ.

Then mom has stepdad lick her daughter’s pussy and asshole. She moans, still having no idea that this is her own stepdad. She holds her daughter’s leg back and says that they are going to shove a fat cock inside of her. Now her own stepfather is fucking her while her mom has her legs pinned down over her head. Then the says the big finish will be that cock cuming all over her face. The blindfolded stepdaughter has no idea she is getting a face painting made out of DNA from her own stepdad.

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