Family Strokes Krissy Lynn & Zoe Parker in I Think Our Girls Like Girls

Family Strokes Krissy Lynn & Zoe Parker in I Think Our Girls Like Girls 3

Zoe Parker’s dad suspects that his daughter is into girls. He is worried so he asks his wife, Krissy Lynn to talk to Zoe. Dad thinks his daughter turning butch. Krissy goes to Zoe, but instead of talking to her about not turning gay, she is supportive of Zoe.

She let’s Zoe know it doesn’t matter what her dad thinks to ask her anything about sexuality. Zoe confides in her mom and says she has never been with a women before and wants to know what it is like. Then the two of them lean in and start kissing. Mom is happy to help and starts peeling off her own clothes. She reveals some pretty sweet tits and a banging body to go with them. Krissy starts to get naked as well and then they take turns munching box.

They finger and rub each other’s pussies and then dad knocks on the door to ask how everything is going. Mom just leans around the wall and gives the thumbs up to dad. Then mom and daughter go back to some hot ass licking with girl on girl scissor action. The friction between these two pussies rubbing together causes some impressive moaning. Zoe says Krissy is the best mom ever!

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