Family Strokes Geneva King in Daughters Do As They Must

Family Strokes Geneva King in Daughters Do As They Must 9

Geneva meets up with her mother and stepdad at the breakfast table. Not only did she notice the hot coffee, but also the bulge from her stepdads hot cock. This was the first reason to suck him up. Then, Geneva’s mom didn’t make her any breakfast and was sassy with her.

Second reason to suck stepdads dick. Geneva then started flashing her tits, stepdad began to weaken. The third and final reason for Geneva to suck him up, and stepdad thought it was the right move too. Do as you must! Geneva got right down on her knees and started to suck while her mom was still cleaning up from breakfast!

This girl is wild. Stepdad eventually kicked things up a notch and slid that dirty dick right into Geneva’s hot pussy. Damn did it feel good, and what felt even better was Geneva being able to see the look on her mommy’s face just as she got nutted on. Priceless!

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