Family Strokes Avi Love in Uncle Fuck Bunny

Family Strokes Avi Love in Uncle Fuck Bunny 4

Avi Love is just an innocent teen brunette dressed in her pink dress for Easter. Her parents inform her that the Easter Bunny is coming to visit. She rolls her eyes because she is now a hot teenager who doesn’t need her pervert Uncle Mitch dressing as the Easter Bunny feeling her up. However, that’s exactly what happens.

Uncle Mitch dresses up in an Easter Bunny costume, comes in their house, and starts feeling up Avi behind her parents back. Avi actually seems to give in and enjoy him grabbing her breasts. While her parents are taking pictures of the event, they fail to notice his dick came out of the costume and was inserted into their daughter’s pussy from behind. Uncle Mitch is slick and filthy. Avi was way more of a slut whore than her innocent looks suggest.

She actually likes getting this old pervert off and keeps bouncing her tight young pussy up and down his dick. Her parents say they are leaving for bit and Uncle Mitch really cuts loose. Avi has her dress on but it’s pulled down and she’s basically naked for this deranged Uncle. She gets on the floor and sucks his cock. He starts fucking her with his Easter Bunny suit on. Avi is such a seductive little slut for her pervert furry Uncle. He pounds her in her little Easter dress on the couch and then he blows a huge Cadbury Creme load on her face. Just then her parents come home and find out Uncle Mitch disgraced their innocent daughter. Happy Easter!

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