Family Strokes Alex Blake in Learn It From Your Relatives

Family Strokes Alex Blake in Learn It From Your Relatives 9

Alex has been having urges that she doesnt know how to feel about. She asks her mom for some guidance, but it turns into an interrogation of her whole sex life. They eventually get into a fight, and Alex dips to her room to cool off. Little does she know her stepbro was hiding around the corner for the whole talk and is ready to pounce.

Kyle goes to confront Alex, after all he truly cares about his little sis! He explains how everything she was feeling is totally natural and she should practice to satisfy those feelings. Alex trusts her stepbro and allows him to remove her panties and teach her how to masturbate.

After the lesson and little cunnilingus, Alex wants to learn it all. Stepbro continues with blowjob lessons and even gave her an IN DEPTH tutorial on how to take a cock. Halfway in mom interrupts and apologizes, oblivious to the fact her daughter is a dirty little hussie. She leaves just in time for stepbro to get his nut back and adorn Alexs once virgin face with a coating of man made white primer.

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