Family Strokes Aaliyah Love in The Importance of Spending Time

Family Strokes Aaliyah Love in The Importance of Spending Time 3

Aaliyah Love is frustrated bombshell MILF and trophy wife. Her husband won’t stay home for dinner, and she is pretty pissed off that he won’t make time for them once in awhile. She is dismayed at him not being home and tells her stepson about it. She then coaxes him in for some fun saying his dad won’t be home and won’t notice.

They head up to the bedroom where she asks her stepson if he remembers their agreement. He says that she would take care of him and that he would take care of her. She said that was totally the agreement. You see a MILF with one super great body sucking dick and getting bounced all over her stepson’s cock. She is loving getting fucked hard in every position possible.

She declares that she hasn’t gotten cock fucked this good since the 80’s. Her stepson is finishing by ramming his cock down her throat while she is laying naked on her back. He pump action rifle blows a spooge load that erupts out of her mouth and down her neck. Just then, her husband opens the door because he decided to come back and make time for them. Talk about the wrong place and wrong time!

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