Extra Small Sex Bomb Kara Lee

Tiny Kara Lee has some trouble with her household chores sometimes because she is so small. That is why she is so excited whenever our stud comes to hang out with her. But just as he is about to come through the front door, she decides to play a little trick on him. She hides on top of the cabinets in the kitchen, in a spot where only the smallest of girls can fit into.
He catches her and spanks her ass a couple times, getting her pussy nice and wet. Then, he takes her in his arms and walks to the living room with her suspended in mid air. There, he lifts her above his head, doing an extra sexy shoulder press. Kara is always turned on by how strong this guy is, and she starts to envision just how big his cock will be when he finally yanks it out of his pants. Her nipples get hard under her dress and her hair stands on end when she thinks about how hot their sex will be. Finally, she cannot take it anymore.

She grabs his dick through his pants and feels the full length of it. That makes her crazy with desire. He whips his dick out and she runs her tongue from balls to tip, giving him a worshipping blowjob that he will never forget. Then, she braces herself as he picks her up and slides his girthy prick deep inside her cunt for some intensely pleasurable penetration. She loves every inch as he stretches her pussy lips out, making her cum again and again on his massive pole. Then, he shoots a creamy load of cum all over Karas mouth. Do you think that Kara is an extra small sex bomb?

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