Daughter Swap Audrey Royal & Kara Faux in The Stretch and Swap

Daughter Swap Audrey Royal & Kara Faux in The Stretch and Swap 4

The new year has come, starting Audrey and Kara on their goal to get in better shape. Everyday they go for a run around the neighborhood and do some yoga after. They are usually on their own for this, but today both their dads had the day of from work and were just chilling at home.

The girls noticed their dads peeking at their stretches from the corridor, and they decided to invite them over to maybe assist. These papas switched daughters and began to stretch them out. One of them even popped a boner, and the girls were surprisingly not creeped out at all. Turns out they were actually thrilled.

In part one, Kara is escorted by Audreys daddy to the other room where she begins to suck his mature cock. She has never had such an aged dick before, and the feeling of it throbbing in her pussy made her body shiver. Before she knew it, Karas face was covered in cum and she couldnt help but wonder whats in store for her next workout ;).

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  1. Me yet again, i for got to tell you about meeting up with Ron Jermy at the Sturgis Rally about 4 yrs. ago. I was walking through the broken spoke bar looking for a place to sit and enjoy a cold beverage when i literaly bumped into him on accident, as i turned to appologize…i recognized who he was immediately! I couldn’t stop myself from saying to this short kinda hairy & hung like a fkn Shetland pony…just who he was by yelling it….”FUCKING- RON -FUCKING -JEREMY!!”….which he replyed “FUCKING AYE BUDDY!”
    So i then said…sorry for bumping into ya like that man. Ron can i buy you a beer there guy? Ron replying back….” well sure you can, ah hell…if ya want, i might even let you buy me 2 !”
    So i did….end of story….he was busy from then on taking pictures with everyone, and a long line had formed also i noticed when i started out the bar….probly from me freaking out and yelling his name earlier when i noticed who he was….the infamos–> “FUCKING-RON-FUCKING-JEREMY” LOL! ONE COOL CAT! IT WAS A PLEASURE AND HONOR TO HAVE MET HIM, (THE TOP DOG IN HIS FIELD )ON THAT HOT DAY WHERE THE ICE COLD BEER IN THE BROKEN SPOKE SALOON AND MEETING MR.JEREMY INSIDE WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN,……but will be told over and over and over again ! But, only partialy because my wife hates it when i do. ?

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