Category: Shoplyfter is about sexy girls who steal from shops and are caught. To not face the jail and to learn their lesson, these dolls are fucked like crazy by officers. So many naughty babes and so much hot action in one place! This site has a perfect functionality and is as simple as possible. Each video has a case number and the duration is specified.

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  • Shoplyfter Emily Willis in Case No. 4216341

    September 5th, 12:40 pm, Case # 4216341 – Suspect is a white, adolescent female. She is suspected of being a repeat offender, stealing goods from the store on numerous occasions. She has been identified using facial recognition software. Lost prevention officer initiates standard interrogation tactics. She is uncooperative at first. The rest of this incident […]

  • ShopLyfter Tali Dova in Case No. 6686140

    August 8th, 5:00 pm, Case # 6686140 – Suspect is a white adolescent, female. Suspect had other white, adolescent accomplices who left her at the scene of the crime After interrogation, suspect denied having stolen anything. She was then subjected to a search. Further evidence was collected, but it is considered classified and is only […]

  • ShopLyfter Jericha Jem in Case No. 2277568

    August 1st, 3:06 pm, Case # 2277568 Suspect is a white adolescent, female. Suspect is believed to have been going into trucks every night for the past week and stealing boxes to take home . Upon further interrogation, suspect admits to selling stolen items off at the flea market. The remainder of the information herein […]

  • ShopLyfter Katy Kiss in Case No. 1174875

    June 27th, 3:16 pm, Case # 1174875 – Female suspect apprehended and detained on suspicion of aiding and abetting her friends to shoplift. The identity of the suspects remains unknown. The remainder of this file is classified, and the information herein is sealed. Evidence logged on June 27, 2018.

  • ShopyLyfter Christy Love and Kimberly Chi in Case No. 3192018

    Young suspect was caught stealing and called their mother for help. Mother then came to LP office and coerced the officer into giving the suspect a much lighter sentence. Even though police were not involved, suspect was subjected to witnessing the coercion and scarred for life. Evidence logged on May 16, 2018.

  • ShopLyfter Daisy Lee Case No. 8455992

    Case # 8455992 – Suspect worked for sanitation department of the store and was under surveillance for using their shift to steal. Suspect was initially calm, but started to get nervous quickly. Suspect was begging for forgiveness, and let off easier than most perpetrators. They left with their freedom, but definitely not their dignity. Evidence […]

  • ShopLyfter Gina Valentina and Mi Ha Doan Case # 7968433

    Twin suspects were apprehended and taken for questioning in LP office. Suspects attempted to use their 5th amendment right to not incriminate themselves. Further bickering between the suspects caused them to reveal more sensitive information. An escape was attempted but LP officer caught the suspects in the act. A deal was made by LP officer […]

  • ShopLyfter Erica Lauren and Samantha Hayes In Case No. 5584216 2

    ShopLyfter Erica Lauren and Samantha Hayes In Case No. 5584216

    April 4th 2:15pm – Case # 5584216 – Suspects grandmother was called to LP office in hopes of clearing matters up. While argument occurred, grandmother herself dropped stolen merchandise from her person. Both grandmother and suspect were punished by LP officer and infraction was handled on site. Evidence logged on Apr 4, 2018.

  • ShopLyfter Darcie Belle in Case No. 2377845 2

    ShopLyfter Darcie Belle in Case No. 2377845

    March 28th 7:12pm – Case # 2377845 – Suspect was a rich and bratty celebrity heir who claimed their father would make LP officer sorry. Upon being found guilty, instead of having this get to suspects affluent parents suspect decided to comply with LP officers instructions. Lets just say suspect recieved a mouthful. Evidence logged […]

  • ShopLyfter Monica Sage in Case No. 0844962 1

    ShopLyfter Monica Sage in Case No. 0844962

    March 21th 10:15am – Case # 0844962 – Suspect used a guise as an undercover LP officer to try and trick LP officer. This was not fallen for. Suspect was then humiliated in return for their freedom. Evidence logged on Mar 21, 2018.

  • ShopLyfter Athena Rayne in Case No. 6925331 3

    ShopLyfter Athena Rayne in Case No. 6925331

    February 28th 7:19pm – Case # 6925331 – Suspect was given a strip search after their clothing appeared a bit suspicious. Suspect revealed several layers of hidden stolen merchandise and was stripped nude to recover every last taken item. Suspect was then humiliated by LP officer in exchange for her freedom. Evidence logged on Feb […]

  • ShopLyfter Summer Brooks in Case No. 3328745 2

    ShopLyfter Summer Brooks in Case No. 3328745

    February 14th 12:41pm – Case # 3328745 – Suspect was attempting to use old receipts as a cover for her thievery. Price edits were also occurring by utilizing sale tickets for high priced merchandise. A final stripsearch was conducted and suspect was given a once in a lifetime opportunity to reconcile their crimes without police […]