Black Valley Girls Chanell Heart Brunch with The Black Girl

Black Valley Girls Chanell Heart Brunch with The Black Girl 6

The kids of Valley High are shaken up over the new black girl in town. Her name is Chanell Heart and she’s a bad bitch from compton whose family happens to be loaded. The white girls from school love talking shit about her, but the guys actually think she is pretty cool and kind of hot.

CLICK HERE FOR MORE BVG VIDEOS! Just as the trash talking started getting heavy, Chanell showed up looking all perfect and acting perky. She attempted to invite the group and of course all the prissy white girls said no, but Nathan said he would love to go. The white girls hated him for it. Chanell was hoping for a more intimate gathering anyway, and expressed that to Nathan once he showed up.

She started showing him her plump black ass and sucking his long white cock. Just as they started getting deeper into it, the white girls showed up to start spying. What they saw will forever damage their innocent caucasian souls, and forever keep your cock hard as this ebony valley girl gets down to business.

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