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Do you want to see the hottest chicks having sex with their stepdads? And all in High Definition quality? Then Dad Crush is the place for you! So many young and restless girls sacrificing their sweet pussies to please their stepdads. They will do anything to get what they want in exchange for fuck. The only worry of these babes is not to be caught by their moms.

Dadcrush is a very modern page with three main sections: Scenes, Girls and Member Login. Each video has an appetizing description and a very suggestive trailer. Don’t miss the naughtiest gals in action!

  • Dad Crush Haven Rae in Getting Even with Pops

    I don’t have to stop smoking, you’re my stepdad. You can’t tell me what to do. What? You’re going to tell mom unless you can photograph my tits? Fuck you asshole. Fine. Now you want to see me totally nude? You are a disgusting old pervert stepdad. I hate that you keep taking photos of […]

  • Dad Crush Niki Snow in Cum Back Here Daddy!

    Daddy, where are you going? Come back here! Stop being so shy. I like it when you touch me daddy. Don’t make it so awkward. Just feel up your stepdaughter. Yeah, you know you like it daddy. Why don’t stick your finger in my pussy? While you’re at it how about you stuff it inside […]

  • Dad Crush Harley Jade in Invading Her Privacy

    OMG DAD! I accidentally saw your penis last night when you came into my room. I kind of really liked it hehe. Maybe you should come to my room again tonight and I can get to see it a little longer? Or I can wait in your room. Whatever will make my papa happy works […]

  • Dad Crush Avery Moon in Breakfast Surprise 3

    Dad Crush Avery Moon in Breakfast Surprise

    Good morning daddy! I have been trying to make you breakfast but I cant reach all the good ingredients. Can you help me? Hehe thanks dad. Wait what are you doing? That is so wrong! Im your stepdaughter for crying out loud. I kind of like it though. I guess we can have sex if […]

  • Dad Crush Michelle Martinez in Tickle Fight

    Dad Crush Michelle Martinez in Tickle Fight

    Papi im soooo bored! Can we do something together? I have an idea. Lets have a tickle fight hehe. Can you please let me win though? I just wanna tickle every little spot on your body! Even your weeny 😉 Ill even tickle it with my tongue too because I know how much my king […]

  • Dad Crush Luzbel in Daddys Little Helper

    Dad Crush Luzbel in Daddys Little Helper

    Are you masturbating again daddy? Didnt I tell you not to do it anymore. Thats why im here! Hehe. You can just put your big cock in my mouth. I promise you’ll like it :). Maybe you can help me masturbate too? Im not sure if im doing it right. Im depending on you papa, […]

  • Dad Crush Charlotte Cross in Notice Me Step Daddy!

    Dad Crush Charlotte Cross in Notice Me Step Daddy!

    Hi daddy! Im leaving you this video message because im fed up! Im tired of being your second favorite. Why dont you love me more than mommy? Am I not good enough for you? Look at how fat and wet my pussy is. Its all for you! Why dont you finally just admit how much […]