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Do you want to see the hottest chicks having sex with their stepdads? And all in High Definition quality? Then Dad Crush is the place for you! So many young and restless girls sacrificing their sweet pussies to please their stepdads. They will do anything to get what they want in exchange for fuck. The only worry of these babes is not to be caught by their moms.

Dadcrush is a very modern page with three main sections: Scenes, Girls and Member Login. Each video has an appetizing description and a very suggestive trailer. Don’t miss the naughtiest gals in action!

  • Dad Crush Sadie Blake in Stepdaughters Sleepover Surprise

    “I love the cute pajamas you got me stepdad! Too bad everyone bailed on me . . . All the girls were going to practice giving blowjobs on bananas! Maybe I can use you instead. Let me see your cock”

  • Dad Crush Kali Roses in Sexyally Preparing My Stepdaughter

    “I’m having second thoughts about college stepdad. Can you fuck me once more before I go so I’m ready???”

  • Dad Crush Brenna Sparks Don’t Ground Me Just Love Me

    I bet you’re wondering why I’m getting cummed on by my stepfather. It all started when I asked for some help. You’d be surprised how far a stepdaguhter will go to get what she wants…

  • Dad Crush Daisy Stone in The Inexperienced Stepdaughter

    I’m sorry for spying on you stepdaddy, but I feel so inexperienced with sex that I just wanted a peek at your cock. Wow its so big! Would it be ok if I touched it? Daisy Stone HD Its squishy!!! I wanna taste it now too. Thanks for helping me stepdaddy. I feel so much […]

  • Dad Crush Anastasia Rose in Epic Father Daughter Road Trip

    “What are you doing daddy?!?! Why are my boobs out and why was your hand in my pants? Keep going, I like it . . . .”

  • Dad Crush Zoe Clark in Daddy’s Private Productions

    Hi Stepdad, I’m just skipping school in this totally slutty outfit. What? Give you a handjob so you won’t tell mom? Fine. Yes, I missed 25 days of school. I know what you want. Just get your hush fucking over with so you don’t tell mom. Daddy, mom isn’t home. Want to fuck me some […]

  • Dad Crush Haven Rae in Getting Even with Pops

    I don’t have to stop smoking, you’re my stepdad. You can’t tell me what to do. What? You’re going to tell mom unless you can photograph my tits? Fuck you asshole. Fine. Now you want to see me totally nude? You are a disgusting old pervert stepdad. I hate that you keep taking photos of […]

  • Dad Crush Niki Snow in Cum Back Here Daddy!

    Daddy, where are you going? Come back here! Stop being so shy. I like it when you touch me daddy. Don’t make it so awkward. Just feel up your stepdaughter. Yeah, you know you like it daddy. Why don’t stick your finger in my pussy? While you’re at it how about you stuff it inside […]

  • Dad Crush Olivia Kassidy in I Have Raised a Little Whore

    This is wrong daddy! This is weird. You shouldn’t be touching me like this. No one ever has before, and it feels so good, but you’re my father. Ok maybe just this once…

  • Dad Crush Harley Jade in Invading Her Privacy

    OMG DAD! I accidentally saw your penis last night when you came into my room. I kind of really liked it hehe. Maybe you should come to my room again tonight and I can get to see it a little longer? Or I can wait in your room. Whatever will make my papa happy works […]

  • Dad Crush Penelope Reed in Pervy Parental Support

    Ugh dad, I have a job interview and I’m super nervous. Can you help clear my head? Can you clear your little head in my little pussy?

  • Dad Crush Krystal Orchid in Intimate Family Affairs 2

    Dad Crush Krystal Orchid in Intimate Family Affairs

    Daddy! The girls at school are bullying me because they think Im a lesbian. Maybe if you let me take some photos with your penis I can prove them wrong? Please oh please dad it would mean the world to me! Plus, Ill make sure you have a fun time throughout. What do you say […]